Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition for 2024-25

Annual Tuition for any of the studios, Spark or Elementary is $13,400. This covers all expenses, supplies, field trips, materials and includes the learner’s Chromebook laptop computer (computer is for elementary only).

Annual Enrollment Deposit

There is an annual enrollment deposit of $1400 which is non-refundable and counts towards the tuition. This is to reserve a spot for the learner and honor commitment for the learner for the upcoming year.

Payment Options

After paying the annual enrollment fee, the rest of the tuition, $12,000 is payable all at once or in ten monthly installments of $1,200, due on the 1st of every month from August to May.

Typical Payment schedule

Typical payment schedule could look like this:
• $1400 - Annual enrollment deposit
• $1200 - Monthly payment on August 1
• $1200 - Monthly payment on September 1
• $1200 - Monthly payment on October 1
• $1200 - Monthly payment on November 1
• $1200 - Monthly payment on December 1
• $1200 - Monthly payment on January 1
• $1200 - Monthly payment on February 1
• $1200 - Monthly payment on March 1
• $1200 - Monthly payment on April 1
• $1200 - Monthly payment on May 1

TOTAL $13,400

Annual Tuition Increases

Families can expect a slight increase to tuition each year. This allows Acton Academy Alpharetta to continue to provide a world class experience to families while keeping up with inflation and other economical factors.


*Contact the school for sibling discount and other discounts/scholarships that can be considered on a case-by-case basis.