Begin your Family's Journey

This process is designed to make sure that Acton Academy Alpharetta is the right fit for your child and your family.

We recognize that we ask you to dedicate time and thought to the process. Families who are thriving in our community often share that they truly enjoyed the process, and we hope you do too.

Get Started


Basic information

We want to know who you are! Let us know you're interested and schedule a Tour. This is the first step of the audition process.


Audition Form

We'd like request that you dig deep in our resources and learn more about Acton Alpharetta.


Family Meet-Up

After receiving your formal entry, we'd like to schedule a time to connect with your family. This meeting is aimed to be fun and informal to connect and answer questions you may have.


Invitation to join

Following the meet-up, if we believe Acton Alpharetta would be a good fit for your family, we will invite you to join. Congratulations!